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NRI Wives (2023) Download Full Movie in Hindi Filmizilla [ 360p , 480p , 720p , 1080p , ]

NRI Wives (2023) Download Full Movie in Hindi Filmizilla [ 360p , 480p , 720p , 1080p , ]

NRI WivesNRI Wives (2023) Download Full Movie in Hindi Filmizilla [ 360p , 480p , 720p , 1080p , ] Cast , director , release date and More

download NRI wives 2023 full movie in hindi filmizilla

NRI Wives is a Bollywood movie that depicts four real-life-inspired stories of NRI wives. The movie explores the taboo side of human relationships, emotions, desires, curiosity, and how people show their "grey shades" in different situations. Directed by Gunjan Kuthiala, the film features an ensemble cast including Kiku Sharda, Sameksha Oswal, and others.

Release Date and Producers

The movie was released worldwide on May 26, 2023. It is produced by NRILIFE Productions.


The cast of NRI Wives includes Kiku Sharda, Sameksha Oswal, and others. The movie revolves around the lives of four NRI wives and their relationships with their partners.

Download NRI Wives

NRI Wives can be downloaded in different resolutions such as 360p, 480p, 720p, and HD. The movie is available for download on various websites such as Filmyzilla and other OTT platforms. However, downloading movies from unauthorized sources is illegal and can lead to legal consequences.

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Category Title
Cast Bhagyashree, Raima Sen, Kiku Sharda
Release Date May 26, 2023
Budget Unknown
Director Gunjan Kuthiala
Platform OTT platforms
Producers NRILIFE Productions

In conclusion, NRI Wives is a thought-provoking movie that explores the complexities of human relationships and desires. The movie features a talented cast and is produced by NRILIFE Productions. While the movie can be downloaded from various sources, it is recommended to watch it on authorized platforms to support the filmmakers.


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